What we do



Whether you’re after general maintenance, or a new lighting installation for your home, we have the expertise and capacity to do everything electrical.

We look after everything from blown lights to electrical hot water cylinders to switch boards. We can also advise on the type and size of heat pump you need for your home.

Whether it’s general maintenance or a spectacular new installation, call 24 Seven Electrical for all your electrical needs!



Let us worry about the electrical side of your business so you can get on with the rest. Whether it’s general maintenance or a new fit out, we give you peace of mind that everything electrical is working to your advantage.

We make sure you're up and running. Whether it's for machinery or generators, your maintenance and repair needs will be looked after.

Let us install the right commercial heat pump for your space, whether it be a wall-mounted heat pump, cassette (ceiling) unit, or ducted system.

If you need three-phase electrical power for a lifestyle block, factory or workshop, we can help take your productivity up to the next level.


New Builds

When you’re building a new house, you want it right the first time. Now is the time to get a bespoke lighting installation that fits perfectly with your new home, designed and installed by the experts.

We also specialise in:
— Home automation
— Home entertainment systems
— Heat pumps, air-conditioning and SmartVent systems
— CCTV monitoring
— Data cabling installation
— Home electrical wiring

Show us your building plans and we’ll tailor-make a dream lighting and electric package for your dream home.



When renovating, you’re working with existing wiring and switchboards, which might need to be replaced or upgraded. We have the capacity to do any size of renovation job, whether it requires updating, upgrading or a complete rewire.

Let us bring your wiring and electrical installations up to standard so you can feel safe in your newly upgraded home. We can also take care of CCTV, heat pumps or a stand-out lighting installation for your renovation.


Feature Lighting

Would you like to brighten up your home or business? With our keen eye for design, we’d love to do something truly special for you.

We enjoy sitting down with you to hear your design ideas so we can turn them into reality. We specialise in creating and installing something spectacular; something that’s never been done before.


Sustainable Installations

Do you want to save money while reducing your environmental impact? Our sustainable installations are a smart choice in this time of ever-rising energy prices.

We specialise in:
— Electric vehicle charging stations (EVs)
— Solar panel (PV) installation

Ready for your green lighting and electrical solution? Talk to us now.